The 5th National and International Academic Conference : Research to Serve Society

The 5th National and International Academic Conference :  Research to Serve Society


The 5th National and International Academic Conference
Theme: Research to Serve Society
On the auspicious occasion of
Huachiew Chalermprakiet University’s 25th Foundation Anniversary
26 May 2017
Huachiew Chalermprakiet University
Bangphli District, Samutprakarn, Thailand



Thailand’s National Education Act of 1998, in one of its provisions, states that conducting research is an indispensable function of higher education institutions. Research projects must be regularly conducted so research findings can be used for development purposes and must be continuously implemented to harness maximum benefits for students, lecturers, academicians and respective institutions involved in the research projects. Moreover, in Thailand, conducting research is one of the indicators in the quality assurance standard prescribed by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC).
As part of its policy, the OHEC has stipulated that academic/research studies in the area of Service to Society can be used as one of the requirements for applying an academic rank. By employing the expertise from at least one of the departments of a faculty in a higher education institution, research/academic studies with concrete results and defined benefits in the area of Service to Society, may contribute to the development of the local community. Beneficial research studies are either those that catalyze positive changes in one area or in multifaceted areas of society, lifestyle, arts and culture, environment, occupations, economy, politics and governance, quality life, and health, or those initiated for introducing solutions to problems and/or for catalyzing social developmental progress. The bottom line is the fruition of an increasing number of academicians, lecturers and researchers conducting research studies on Service to Society.
As an institution of higher learning that acknowledges the indispensable role of research in the academe, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University has the policy to promote, encourage and improve academicians, lecturers and students’ abilities to conduct research and other academic works not to mention the support in publishing research articles in local and international peer-reviewed journals and/or their presentations in national and international conferences.
Thus, in celebration of the auspicious occasion of its 25th Foundation Anniversary in 2017, Huachiew Chalermprakiet University will host the 5th national and international academic conference as one of the mechanisms to promote a supportive academic atmosphere; to regularly encourage the conduct of research activities among lecturers and academicians; to promote quality research projects and knowledge production through research; to strongly advocate among academicians, lecturers and students the importance of conducting research; and to create an avenue for exchanging academic knowledge among other higher education institutions.


1. To create an avenue for disseminating research findings of local and international academicians, experts, lecturers and students from both private and government educational institutions of higher learning,
2. To initiate the exchange of knowledge, concepts, methodological practices and experience in conducting research, and
3. To build a network of local and international researchers.

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Research to Serve Society
Research to Serve Society